Understanding Uses of Reflexive Pronouns

My Student Stumper category began on this blog back in 2009, and my first post was about reflexive pronouns. A private student recently asked about the different uses of these pronouns, and I felt it was best to create some practice activities to illustrate the different meanings of these words.

If your upper level students would also benefit from some meaningful practice with reflexive pronouns, please consider my Reflexive Pronouns_handout. I cover uses of “by myself” to mean “alone” and “without any help.” I also challenge students to consider word order when using reflexive pronouns for emphasis. Finally, I have a section on common collocations with reflexive pronouns, such as talk to oneself and see for yourself.


Photo credit: Girl, Blonde, Theatre, Mirror by lightstartgod. Retrieved from the Public Domain at https://pixabay.com/en/girl-blonde-theatre-mirror-2447785/.


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