Taking Another Look at Plural Nouns

After tackling tricky points about uncountable nouns in a recent YouTube lesson, I’m now thinking of the challenges that plural nouns pose for intermediate and advanced students. If only it were as simple as adding -s to every singular noun! Spelling rules present the first challenge. We also can’t avoid using irregular plural nouns. Child-children is quite easy to memorize, but other patterns, particularly with more advanced vocabulary, are learned only through multiple exposures: syllabus-syllabi, series-series, etc. Then there’s the issue of which quantifiers to use and rules of subject-verb agreement.

If you’d like a worksheet to give some review and reinforce patterns on this topic, please consider my mastering plural nouns_handout.


Photo credit: Binoculars, Old Antique, Equipment by Benjamin Nelan. Retrieved from the Public Domain at https://pixabay.com/en/binoculars-old-antique-equipment-354623/.


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