How to Get Things Done Right: Passive Constructions with ‘GET’

In my previous post, I shared practice tasks with GET TO + noun combinations as well as GET + a couple infinitives, namely get to know and get to do.  I wanted to help students distinguish between “to” as a preposition and “to” as part of an infinitive.

Because the verb get is used so often with a range of meanings, I decided to tackle another group of structures that can cause confusion: passive constructions with get. 

In my Passive and Passive Causative with GET_handout, I placed exercises with the passive and the passive causative back to back. I didn’t include practice with the structure get (someone) to do (something) in order to avoid confusion. I felt that get + past participle and get (something) + past participle were best practiced without adding a third grammar pattern in the mix. Take a look. I think you might have high intermediate students like mine who need a few practice tasks to clarify doubts regarding get.


Photo credit: Thumb, High, Success, Successful, Fan by Geralt. Retrieved from the Public Domain at


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