Pronouncing C and G: Tips and Tricks

One of my private students reminded me that the challenges of English pronunciation go beyond knowing how to say sounds. It’s also important to know when a particular sound is used. In other words, how can one look at a word and know how to say it correctly because some of the letters have more than one pronunciation?

Too often I likely focus on individual sounds without highlighting the corresponding spelling patterns. For some students, a light goes on when you point out why a C can sounds like /s/ or /k/. These are patterns I made time to review in a recent lesson. I followed up with hard and soft G sounds. I’ll likely continue to dedicate a little lesson time to phonics, targeting the letter-sound patterns my student hasn’t been consistent with.

If you have students who could benefit from similar practice, please feel free to use my Hard and Soft C and G_handout.


Photo credit: Letters, A, ABE, Alphabet, Literacy by Geralt. Retrieved from the Public Domain at

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