Learning about Choices with Adjective Clauses

As I build my video series on adjective clauses, I’ll present possible variations and comment on how one might serve us better than another. In my most recent lesson, I modeled how we can form adjective clauses with whom, whose, when, where, and why. I know I might cause a bit of an uproar by labeling those last three words as relative pronouns, but I felt it was easiest to create one list of words that we use to create adjective clauses in order to present essential or additional information that relates to the main clause.

It’s never enough to simply listen and look at the examples others have created. If you’d like to give your intermediate students practice with adjective clauses and go beyond the most common relative pronouns of who, which, and that, then please check out my Adjective Clauses and Relative Pronouns_handout. This handout taps into students’ knowledge of world history and allows them to modify and create sentences with adjective clauses.


Photo credit: Knowledge, Book, Library, Glasses by DariuszSankowski. Retrieved from the Public Domain at https://pixabay.com/en/knowledge-book-library-glasses-1052011/.


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