Using Quantifiers in Adjective Clauses

Moving forward in my series on adjective clauses, I’ve just presented patterns using quantifiers. (Click for the latest lesson.) Are your students ready to write these kinds of adjective clauses? Possible mistakes to watch out for:

  • Mixing up countable and uncountable nouns;
  • Forgetting which pronouns to use (for example, “some of them” rather than “some of which”);
  • Subject-verb agreement, depending on the quantifier used.

Here’s a short handout to review relative pronouns and specifically quantifiers before “of which” and “of whom” in adjective clauses: Adjective Clauses and Quantifiers_handout Challenge your students with the final free writing task.

Photo credit: Hat, Png, Scrapbook by TiceRuck. Retrieved from the Public Domain at


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