Back Soon with a New Post!

My town lost power during the latest winter storm. The loss of electricity, heat, phone service, and the Internet was interesting in a way, but it certainly posed some challenges since the power outage lasted for more than one day. I’m fortunate to have it back now, but my next blog post will be delayed while I get back up to speed with my online activities.

Thank you for your understanding. See you next week for a regular post.

Kind regards to one and all,

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  1. Arun Goyal says:

    Ha Ha.. Life without power is good fun. Live with star light or candle light. Sleep in the dark dark night. No sounds other than birds and cricket and humans calling to each other. No telephones ringing.. And in the tropical countries, no fans to drive the mosquitoes away.. Beat the heat and the biting insects by improvising fans from newspapers. (Good exercise for the wrists!)
    Such was life for us here in India once upon a time. Now the power fails rarely, there are huge investments in electricity generation and distribution. Life is easy in warm countries as long as the fans stir the air. But in cold countries of the North like America, power failure must be worse. (Don’t know which is of the two is ‘more bad’: extreme heat or severe cold)
    Looking forward to your next offering, that is, after the return of power.

    1. My family and I decided to enjoy our break from electricity and the Internet. We brought out puzzles, and I found time to play the piano and read a book. It was a big change from our usual routine. Now it’s time to catch up online! See you next week.

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