‘If Need Be’ and Other More Formal Uses of Conditionals

Conditionals are a topic I’ve addressed multiple times on my YouTube channel, and I plan to return to them again soon. Just a few more lessons, and I think I’ll have covered conditionals quite thoroughly. Do you also feel that it takes several lessons and plenty of practice to do justice to this topic?

I had presented inverted conditionals  a while ago, and I was pleased to see viewers complete my practice tasks. I’ll review the formation and use of inverted conditionals, and then it seems logical to present  certain implied conditionals. If need be, if necessary, if so… Would you agree that we tend to use these phrases in more formal contexts?

Should you wish to provide practice with more formal uses of conditionals (wink, wink), please consider my ideas: More formal uses of conditionals_handout.




Photo credit: Adult, Laptop, Computer, Business by rawpixel. Retrieved from the Public Domain at https://pixabay.com/en/adult-laptop-computer-business-3327336/.

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