Combinations with Gerunds: Reducing Confusion, Increasing Accuracy

It stands to reason that if a large number of words are creating confusion, part of the problem may be resolved by dealing with smaller amounts at one time. There are many grammar charts in print and online: verbs followed by gerunds, verbs followed by infinitives, nouns followed by infinitives, and so on. The lists are meant to be references, not homework assignments. Students shouldn’t try to memorize mass amounts of content.

The different combinations with gerunds can be mastered through multiple encounters and the chance to put them into use. Check out my Combinations with Gerunds_handout. I focus more on combinations where students can confuse “to” as a preposition with “to” as part of an infinitive. Enjoy the discussion!

Photo credit: Ethics, Wrong, Ethical, Moral by Tumisu. Retrieved from the Public Domain at


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