The Fate of Fairy Tale Heroes: The Future With ‘Will’

I have a some old favorites when it comes to presenting and practicing verb tenses and verb forms. Like many other teachers, I’ve talked with students about the distant future so that we can form sentences with will. Far away times, like 2029 or even 2049, usually spark the imagination. Will cars fly? Will people still work in offices? Where will we be?

A certain approach may not bring about the same results with each group of students. I felt like the tap ran dry quite quickly when I tried to call forth some predictions with my basic students today. Thankfully, we’ll meet again soon to practice forming more questions and statements with will. Plan B will be story predictions. Although I often have a ball making up original stories, we can very easily make use of existing plot lines. Fairy tales can be recalled and then altered. Consider my Future with WILL_fairy tales_handout.  Perhaps your students will enjoy this creative alternative and contribute more actively to classroom discussion. You can certainly put a spin on other classics. Enjoy!


Photo credit: Full, Moon, Forest, Woman, Wolf by intographics. Retrieved from the Public Domain at

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