College Tuition: A Hot Topic to Debate

Several topics are trending in U.S. news, somewhat due to the recent presidential debate. The views and proposals of different candidates are making people in the U.S. think more about certain issues, such as the cost of college tuition. ELLs should be welcome to weigh in with their own personal opinions without fear of language mistakes or condemnation for having an “outside” perspective. In fact, I’m of the opinion that Americans should hear from people who can tell us about other educational systems so that we can better evaluate what we currently have in place.

In the ESL classroom, there shouldn’t be a right or wrong view when current issues are debated. The aim of classroom discussion should be to foster self-expression, a healthy exchange of ideas, and language growth. This has been my goal in adding advanced discussion topics to my conversation playlist on YouTube.

If you’d like to engage upper level students in a discussion about the rising cost of college tuition in the U.S., please start with my College Tution_Images to start building vocabulary. Then choose topics from my College Tuition_debate handout.

My next YouTube video will address college tuition, and I’ll add it to the conversation playlist.

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