Someone, Anyone, and Other Indefinite Pronouns


My basic English students, Flavia and Andreia, have made good progress over the past several months. The most recent lessons posted on YouTube were recorded back in June 2019, so they are noticeably farther along the path to proficiency now in January 2020.

There are still a number of topics I’d like to cover with them, and indefinite pronouns are high on the list. Things to note when teaching this topic:
– subject-verb agreement (Someone, anyone, no one, and everyone all take singular verbs.)
– the difference in register between pronouns ending in -one and those ending in -body
– common use of plural reference words (e.g., someone forgot their backpack here)
– the possible difference in strength between “no” and “not any” (e.g., I told no one./I didn’t tell anyone.)

If you’re in need of group activities to put such indefinite pronouns into use, please view my Indefinite pronouns_basic grammar_handout.

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