Mastering the Passive Voice

The passive voice may not be used as much as the active voice, but knowing when and how to use the passive appropriately gives a person a higher level of accuracy in written and spoken English.

I recently met a request for an updated lesson on the passive. In the ideal world, I would have taken the time to produce bite-size lessons and published a playlist on this complex grammar topic. As it turned out, time constraints forced me to teach one intense 17-minute video lesson and hope that my organization and pacing makes the content clear and digestible. View lesson on YouTube.

Even the longer duration doesn’t allow all the practice a student needs to master the passive. If you’d like to reinforce both the form and the use, please check out my Advanced Grammar_the passive voice_handout.

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  1. Madan Mohan Gupta says:

    I watched the video after reading this blog. In the beginning of video I couldn’t understand the rules, but with excercise that you included in this video lesson helped me to understand the concept of passive voice in a bit more detail.

    “This blog is written by Teacher Jennifer.”
    “Teacher Jennifer write this blog.”

    Which one do you think is more correct Ma’am, active or passive??

    And should we consider writing blogs as an artistic work??

    Thank You Ma’am for a nice lesson. 🙂🙂
    Respect you for your efforts.

    1. Hi Madan. Good to see you here.

      Your intention decides what’s “more correct” or rather what’s more appropriate. If you want to focus on me as the doer (agent, performer, etc.), then you can use the active voice: Jennifer is very active online. She writes a blog, she posts on YouTube and Instagram, and she teaches on Hallo. If, however, you want to focus on the blog itself, then shift the focus and use the passive, and you can still give me credit: This is a helpful blog. It’s written by Jennifer and sponsored by Pearson.

      Any publication can fall into the category of an artistic work (the poem was written by, the lyrics were composed by, etc.)

      Hope that helps.

  2. Madan Mohan Gupta says:

    Thanks a bunch again 🙂

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