Testing Our Ability to Explain CAN, COULD and BE ABLE TO

The fun thing about having a live weekly Q&A session with a large group of students is that you’re basically allowing them to test your knowledge and ability to explain just about anything related to the English language. I’ve been doing this for a few months, and I enjoy the challenge of seeing what I know and how clearly I can explain things.

Some questions are asked in advance on a group chat. Other questions are asked without warning. Sometimes it’s the familiar topics that actually challenge me more. Just when I think I have a firm handle on modal verbs, for example, I stumble a bit in my explanation or in my efforts to come up with helpful examples.

Are your students curious about the differences between can, could, and be able to? If you want to increase their confidence (and yours!) with this basic grammar topic, please consider my Can.Could.Be able to_basic grammar_handout. The brief, but clear charts set students up for success in completing the four short exercises. They can be done in or out of class.  Add your own open-ended questions if you’d like to extend the final writing task.

Featured photo by Free-Photos. Retrieved from https://pixabay.com/photos/light-bulb-lightbulb-light-bulb-1246043/.

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