Pronunciation and Parallel Structure

In my latest YouTube lesson, I present parallel structure as an advanced grammar topic, and I mention the value of parallel structure in both academic and professional writing. However, it would be misleading to overlook how parallel structure plays a role in rhythm and intonation. A series of items, for example, breaks into small thought groups, each with its own intonation pattern. (Rising on all items until the final one, which uses falling intonation. Click to hear models.)

If you’d like to raise awareness of the connection between intonation and parallel structure, please check out my handout. It can easily be modified for private or group instruction.

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  1. Swapnil Shankar Mane says:

    I m improve my communication skill start from basic.. can you provide me course details & fees. I am from india

    1. Hello. This is my blog for teachers. You can visit my website for learners. Click on “Learn more” or look under “Students.”
      I offer group instruction on Hallo. I have weekly lives streams. You can also book a private lessons through my website. Kind wishes!

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