Too bold? Too boring? Interesting enough? Teaching TOO and ENOUGH

Deciding how to present and practice a grammar topic can be like choosing a pair of shoes for someone else. You may know their shoe size, but not their favorite style. You might ask them to try on a couple of pairs before you get it right. One of them is sure to fit.

In my latest basic English lesson on YouTube, I decided to focus on problems and solutions to teach the uses of “too” and “enough.” In an upcoming lesson, we’re going to read a short story that contextualizes the grammar in a (hopefully) memorably story.

I offered some tips for teaching this topic in a previous post. (See 2010 post.) Let me take it one step further now with a set of exercises that will reinforce word order and give students both speaking and writing practice.

If you have upper level students, you can extend the topic to include conversational expressions with “too” and “enough.” Check out the dialog game “Enough Said.”

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