Teaching Students How to Argue a Point

In an earlier post, I shared my ideas for building a framework that students could use to explain a wide range of topics, including simple and complex processes. Over the past month, I’ve heard my own students explain how to give a neck massage and how to expand your professional network. I’ve also heard ideas about how to save money and how to reduce homelessness.

Now I’m encouraging a group of students to build their confidence as they argue a viewpoint. I’m not going to throw them into debates quite yet, but I’m going to guide them through the process of organizing their ideas and using conversational words and expressions to frame their arguments clearly and naturally.

First, allow me to share a list of suggested topics. Students can choose a topic or at least get inspired by a suggestion. My categories are as follows: Fun & Easy, Sports & Games, Work & Career, Love & Relationships, School & Education, and Society & the World.

Suggested Topics for Arguing a Point (PDF)

After students gather their ideas to present an argument, they’ll need to consider how to express their points and transition from one to the next. To help their argument flow, I offer a set of useful words and expressions.

Useful Words and Expressions for Arguing a Point (PDF)

If you go the direction of debates, you can check out the links below to older posts. Debate topics could be used for speaking or writing practice. In fact, I plan to couple mini presentations in class with a writing assignment later this month. It’s helpful to develop the ability to shift from a conversational tone to more formal writing.

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Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay 

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