Pairing Pronunciation with Sleep Habits

I’ve talked about sleep habits with many students over the years. It’s a topic everyone is familiar with, and the conversation naturally flows from our own patterns and observations. The conversation can take a humorous tone as we admit unhealthy practices or efforts to break bad habits. Eventually, someone comes forward as an “expert” and shares advice.

The vocabulary needed to discuss sleep wonderfully incorporates many plural nouns and verbs with -s/-es endings. For advanced students, you can choose to build up to a conversation or start with a chat to hear how consistent learners are with their -s/-es endings.

In an older post, I used sets of drills to build up to short exchanges about new and old technology related to watches. See Who Wears Watches (2022). (PDF included.) I’d like to follow up now with a similar but more targeted approach. In my new PDF handout on sleep habits, the words drilled are eventually used in full statements that students must read aloud. Their accuracy with -s/-es should be evaluated by the teacher or a peer. After this step, full discussion is prompted by a few questions. In that final phase of practice, students should be more aware of the target sounds as they recycle the drilled words. Remind them not to rush and stay in control of their articulation.

Featured image by Pexels from Pixabay

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