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Repurposing “Go Fish” to Practice the Verb “Have”

February 20, 2012

I now feel like my beginner student has reached an important step in her learning. At our most recent lesson, we were able to start with some chit chat in English. The simple and light exchange felt very genuine, and I sensed her pleasure in being able to engage in conversation and apply so much of what she’s learned. I caught some of it on camera in Lesson 29 “Do you have…?”

By adding the verb have to her arsenal of grammar, we tackled expressing possession and using singular and plural nouns. In our one-on-one lesson, we talked about what we had in our purses. Some funny moments came up on camera and off as we showed each other the contents of our purses.

I gave some thought to what classroom teachers might be able to do  to reinforce basic usage of have in yes-no questions and short answers. I would like to suggest a game of Go Fish, using some everyday vocabulary in place of numbers. See my Do You Have_Go Fish__handout and please let me know how it works out if you try it.


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