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Jennifer Recio Lebedev

Originally certified to teach Russian as a foreign language by the state of Pennsylvania, I later discovered my true calling as an English language teacher while living and studying in Moscow, Russia. My undergraduate degree from Bryn Mawr College and graduate degree from Middlebury College are in Russian Studies, and I joke with my husband today that I did not major in Russian Studies, but simply took an intensive preparation course for marriage to a native Russian.

I began teaching English in 1996, first as a private instructor and later in the classroom. My teaching experience broadened when I returned to the U.S. in 2001, and subsequently I moved from the EFL classroom to the ESL classroom. At a private IEP in Boston, I joined the teaching staff and earned my TESL certificate. The small size of the school afforded many opportunities for professional growth. In time I coordinated and taught the teacher training program, established a literary magazine, and even wrote a 4-level series for the school’s writing curriculum.  The many responsibilities I took on greatly aided my growth as a teacher, but by the end of 2005 I opted to leave my position as a classroom teacher and ESL program coordinator and move in another direction.

It was Pearson that built a bridge for me between my work in an IEP and my work as a materials writer. Vocabulary Power was a labor of love, completed after two years, and it was my debut on the international scene. Prior to this textbook series, I had written only small works for EFL students and teachers in Russia.

Not ready to return to traditional classroom teaching (two reasons: two children!), I experimented with online instruction in the late summer of 2007.  I made a tentative entrance on the YouTube scene as JenniferESL, but soon became bolder and more committed as the response among viewers grew.

Here I am today, with vodcasts, podcasts, books, and plenty of ideas I am eager to share with the international community of English language learners and teachers.  I hope you will continue to welcome my contributions.


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  1. Amy says:

    I’m glad to know you.

    1. Peter Nsr says:

      please! how start learn english? what kind of way to speak english quikly ?!!!

      1. You can use this series.

        You might also like http://www.usalearns.org.


      2. Jennie Choi says:

        Hi Jennifer , my name is Jennie Choi. I would like subscribe. To be your student. You are the best teacher.

      3. Hi Jennie. Thank you for the kind words. I’m happy you wish to study with me. On YouTube, you can subscriber for free. I have a membership program. If its available in your country, you’ll see the JOIN button on my channel. Click to view the perks a the different levels.

        You can also follow me for free on Instagram I post every Monday.

        On Hallo, I offer live streams. It’s free to follow me. You can buy a monthly subscription and get priority for hop ons. You also become part of a subscriber group chat. https://hallo.tv/

        Kind regards!

  2. Luis Orlando Serna says:

    Hi Jennifer. I hope you get over from your surgeries soon. Actually, I’am enjoying your English Classes and other stuff. Everything is wonderful and has been helpful for me to improve my English. I have been studying English by myself for several years and had the chance to live in USA and improve it a little bit. I love English a lot and would like to command it. I know that I still have a long way to go but I will make it. That’s my goal.
    I really appreciate everything your are doing. Believe me. My English is getting better since I first found your stuff. Thank you once again. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and would like you to give me a piece of advice to improve my English. Sincerely yours,
    Orlando Serna . luisoserna@yahoo.com

    1. Ginny says:

      hi luis
      you don’t say “command english” you say “master english”. i just thought i’d let you know.

  3. djcrystal says:

    Hi there (from your American slang just now)

    How ya doing? I just dropped in to take a lot at your blog. There’re so many choices of blog things like blogger, myspace, facebook, hi5 and all that jazz.

    Well, I just signed up this one, wordpress.com, toay.

    Man, believe it or not, I have all the abovementioned blogs.

    I think I’ll devote this blog to my students. I’ve seen one Latino teacher of English keep in touch with her students. It’s a good idea. Easy and Convenient…only if my monkey students have internet to access!

    Well, I’ll keep following your work. Thank you again for the great things you do.

    Your big fan

  4. Manuel Ruiz Gómez says:

    Back again Jennifer
    I have followed your advice and here I am looking through your web site for teachers. This is what I would like to do in the future: to have an interactive blog with lots of activities for my students so that they get used to the new technologies. I have been teaching English for over thirty years, I am about to retire but very ambitious. I think you will be my role model. I have just started to research into this field and so far it has been a very rewarding experience.
    I live in Granada( Spain ) and tourism is big source of income for our economy. So we need English desperately since we get lots of British holidaymakers. I will be in touch with you and even I might ask you for advice. Thanks again for your extraordinary effort for the global community.

  5. Anes says:

    I have seen just several of your videos on You Tube and since that day (several months ago) I remember you not as as a teacher, but as a person. I enjoy just watching your face, smiling all the time. I know that in America you have so many presentation courses and I can see from other materials on the net “you Americans” are taught how to smile continuously, which for me is quite impossible even to imagine, but you look… real. One can feel the kindness of you heart that flows with every word. You teach people how to be, how to treat others and themselves, through the lessons. You seem to be doing it unconsciously. Do you know that you are beautiful-minded, poetic and soft?
    Just letting you know what you have been doing is a remarkably good job not just as far as English teaching goes – I am an English teacher myself and I can clearly see you are an expert.

    I just found out you’re a big fish from the text above – I’d never know – you’re so modest.

    Congratulations and best wishes,


  6. Soledad Mallqui says:

    i’m really glad to know a professional like you. hope you can visit my country to give a session class for english teachers in Lima- Peru.
    my best regards.

  7. Tuya says:

    Hi Jennifer.First of all I wanna say thanks for all your hard work and dedicated contribution that you have done for English learners in all around the world.I’m Mongolian and was born and raised here.I’ve been learning English since 2000 and had a chance to improve it in USA in 2005. Now I’m back in Mongolia and has been teaching English for couple years. It seems I’m still brand new teacher although have been experienced to teach in all level.I’ve really enjoyed your teaching skill. It’s just so simple, well organized and easy to get it.So, please keep up the good work and put more great lessons on youtube so that we’ll improve our knowledge and skill day by day. Thank you so much again and hope I’ll see you if you ever have chance to visit my country.
    Best regards

  8. chakib says:

    I would like to say that your contribution is great, I am enjoying the lessons on youtube. Keep up the good work

  9. Bob Huh says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    This is Bob Huh at Kenmoor Middle Schoool in Prince George’s County. It’s my 8th year as an ESOL teacher.

    I have enjoyed your video lessons and blogs for awhile, and I am thinking that if you allow me to use some of your video lessons in and out of my classroom, it will tremendously benefit all of my ESOL students. It takes too much time and money to shoot one or two video clips which I have been doing for over 5 years. As a full-time classroom teacher, it isn’t an easy task at all. I believe you are fully aware of how busy and demanding teaching is, especially after NCLB policy went into effect.

    Will you permit me to use your video lessons in my classroom? I also have my own website which is used predominantly for instruction in class and afterschool programs. I would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to use your video lessons on my website as well.

    There are some video clips that I have already posted without your legal permission. However, if you don’t allow me to use them, I will take them all down right away. But please be aware that by granting your permission, you will benefit about 150 ESOL students.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Bob Huh
    Kenmoor Middle School

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Dear Bob,

      Hello and thank you for writing. I’m very happy to learn that my videos have been useful to you. You may certainly share all of them with your students. Whatever I post on YouTube, (as well as OhMyNewsInternational and ECpod) is made for the general public, and I offer these lessons without charging viewers. As long as your distibution of the material isn’t for profit, I have no problem. It’s refreshing to have a teacher like you not only appreciate my work, but understand what is involved in producing language videos. I’m only sorry that the video quality isn’t always top notch. (I’m limited with equipment and software!) In any case, I do my best to make sure the quality of the content never suffers.

      Regards to you and your students there in Prince George’s County!

  10. JOSE says:

    Dear Jennifer , since 5 months ago i’m living in Maryland and i’m learning English by my self and you can’t imagine how useful is your material for me.Well , i’m just writing to say thank you and God bless you and also i love you! , i hope your husband don’t get up set but im your fan # 1 , i’m sure a lot of people around the world agree with me. bye.Jose

  11. realenglish says:

    I like the Comment by Anes of November 9, especially “One can feel the kindness of your heart that flows with every word.”

  12. ali says:

    hi Jennifer,
    I want to thank you for these fantastic lessons. That is a good and simple method to learn English. I try to learn English. My reading and writing are good, but I cannot speak and listen. This is my problem. I want to give an example: Last week someone called me from America for something to ask. Believe me, I could not speak, I understood nothing. I said to her: ” As you an email send, than I can understand and reply”. This is a true story.
    Jennifer, How can I learn to listening and speaking? Please, help me. I need English after 3 months for work. Wat is secret to learn speedly? I find your lessons fine and romantic! I am 31 years old and live in the netherlands. I speak dutch, turkish, kurdish.

    see you soon.


    NOTE: I have written self.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Ali!
      I wish I could tell you a shortcut to fluency, but there isn’t one. Regular exposure and practice is needed. Use online resources to aid your listening skills. There are sites with listening exercises for English language learners. (I can send you the addresses.) There are film and TV clips to watch and songs to listen to on YouTube. (See my favorites on my YouTube channel.) The listening practice will aid your speaking skills. Try to find a conversation partner, native or non-native. The goal is to converse with someone on various topics to gain comfort expressing your ideas in English. To prepare for English in a work setting, you can listen to some of my material on OhMyNewsInternational. Look for the podcasts on their main page. I have topics for working professionals such as yourself.
      Good luck to you!

  13. David Holler says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    My name is David Holler (American English teacher living and teaching in Zürich, Switzerland).

    Really great videos you have on YOUTUBE. Every week I send my students an on-line English lesson report which always includes a link to one of your videos. All I can say is, ‘You’ve got lots of fans in Switzerland.’

    Jennifer, could you tell me what editing program you use to produce your videos (especially the name of the graphics program you use). Reason being, my school here in Zürich wants to spend 10’s of thousands of CHF’S to a production company to make videos. I’ve told my boss it might not be necessary to spend so much. Besides, I’d rather get tips from someone who’s actually making videos themselves. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

    Once again, thanks for your input and inspiration (watching you is also very good for ‘teacher training’ as well).

    Final note: I saw on you favourites list Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Being 47 years old, I still remember 1968 when he and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated.
    The day after Bobby was killed in Los Angeles; my father, Dick Holler, wrote Abraham, Martin and John (I don’t share that with many people, but it appears that you understand what they meant to so many people). The dream will never die.

    All the best and Happy Holidays,

    David Holler

  14. Prasahnth says:

    Hello there,
    Just stumbled upon ur web page as well as ur you tube videos… they r simply great and mind blowing.Very simple and informative.
    Thanks a million for all ur valuable info and inputs.
    Happy New year

  15. johnny says:

    p9iB2U Thanks for good post

  16. arya says:

    One can feel the kindness of your heart that flows with every word. —-its so true for you

    thanx for being such a gud human being showering the love and compassion for others

  17. alex says:

    you have changed my life. these classes were costly for me out side.through your videos i’m learning easily. thank you very much. India

  18. Julia from Russia says:

    Dear Jennifer!
    Thank you very much for your video lessons. it’s very nice to listen real English!I like it!I am a teacher,too. and you are the best teacher! God bless you, dear friend!Bye!

  19. Rukawatung says:

    Hello Jennifer!

    My name is Rukawatung.
    Thank you for blogging this wonderful blog for us to learn English.
    Actually I have a question on tense usage in the first paragraph of “ABOUT ME”. You said “…and I joke with my husband today that I…”, why did you use “joke” instead of “joked”? Could you explain it for me, please?
    Thanks in advanced.


    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      It’s great to question the use of verb tenses in context.

      I used the present tense “I joke” because it’s an ongoing joke. It’s still relevant today. When I met my husband-to-be, I didn’t know that once I left Russia, I’d have little use of my degrees in Russian studies. The linguistic training, yes, is relevant to my teaching ESL, but knowing Russian history and literature helps me more in my relationship with my husband than in my professional life. The irony of the situation is more keenly felt today than in the past.

  20. Rukawatung says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the explanation.
    I got it.


  21. Omar says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just wish to use some of your videos in my own classes hopeing that this wouldnt be a violotion to your rights or something. I sent some e-mails to you but I guess you were so busy with family obligations and everything.
    Hope to share some opinions with you about teaching in classrooms and situations linked with that,
    Enjoy your time

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      By all means, please feel free to use my videos in your classroom. I’m pleased they can be of use to you and your students. I’ve given my permission for this kind of use on my YouTube channel. As long as it’s not for profit, I’m happy to share my work through others like yourself. I thank you for helping me to reach more language learners. Best of luck in your teaching!

  22. A.Karim (Morocco) says:

    hello jennifer
    I am from Morocco. I like your videos . they are interesting and enjoyabe. am dowling as many as I can.


  23. Nina Liakos says:

    Hi Jennifer! Like you, I majored in Russian and ended up teaching ESL (at the University of Maryland). I recently discovered your YouTube videos and have already posted one on the blog I created for my beginning students at http://001spr2009.blogspot.com. Thanks for being a part of my class!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you. I’m thrilled to be a part of your class in this way.
      Всего хорошего! – Дженнифер

  24. Farahd Zaheer says:

    I learn alot of things from Jennifer. I don’t know how to be thankful to her. I don’t have any words to express her hard work to you. In a few words i want tell u how she is. Jennifer is a good, nice , great , beautiful, ountstanding, excellent, pretty , very honest, decent, fair, kind, courageous, bold, brave, graceful, Energetic, wonderful, splendid woman in All the world. Wish you the beautiful days and nights. May god make your children as much good ppl as every human being to be proud of u. May god give to jennifer as much happiness as she is alive. May god save you from sickness. Always may god save u or send u to the Paradise.
    farhad zaheer.

  25. NP says:

    Hi. I’d like to thank you very much. Wish you all the best.

  26. Альмира Николаева says:

    Дженнифер,Вы просто чудо, а Ваши уроки просто находка для меня.Уже вторые сутки я наслаждаюсь Вашим творчеством это здорово.Прочитала вашу биографию и выяснила, что у меня зеркальная история.Я должна была стать учителем русского и литературы- это моя основная специальность по диплому, дополнительной был английский.И я стала учить детей английскому.Я очень рада что нашла Ваши материалы!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Альмира, спасибо за Ваши добрые слова. Какое совпадение – мы не запланировали такие карьеры, но мы все-таки нашли счастье как преподаватели!
      Best wishes to you and your young students.
      – Jennifer

  27. Patricio says:

    Hi Jennifer
    I really love your videos, I found them on youtube a couple of weeks ago. They have helped me a lot with my english. At the moment I’m studying to become a teacher of English as foreign language. I’m in my last year. I went to the United States last year. This was possible because I got a scholarship to study abroad for 6 months. While I was in Davis California, I learned a lot about EFL. I also got lots of books from a CATESOL meeting I went to. I loved that experience I met people from different parts of the states. I wish I had the opportunity to go back to California. At the moment I’m Chile and I hope to start teaching soon. write me back if you can.
    best wishes Patricio

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Patricio!
      Thank you for posting you comment. I, too, get a lot out of the TESOL conventions. If you made contacts at the CATESOL, stay in touch with them. This will be especially helpful to you because you are currently in Chile. If you will teach EFL there, continue to reach out to the online ESL/ EFL community. It’s good for us to support one another. Perhaps one day I’ll see you at one of the annual TESOL conventions! Good luck as you finish your training.

  28. Maverick says:

    Hello, jennifer…

    Well… Where can I start? You’re doing an excellent and beautiful job. We can see your passion from your videos and your commitment in trying to teach, help and encourage people all over the world who need english for work, studies… I’m a brazilian english teacher. i teach in public schools and It’s so hard teach them because their are not enough to make conversations. But you’re helping me a lot, providing so many ideas… I just want to express that I’m huge thankful for your work.
    See you soon… on line. 🙂

    teacher Maverick

  29. Sergio Silva says:

    Hi Jennifer.
    Congratulations! Your Channel on Youtube is a must for those learning English. I’m writing to ask you for some help if possible. I teach English in Brazil in a language school and I teach all levels of proficiency. My advanced students get kind of bored when they come to the end of their course because they miss a conversation course. Would you recommend any textbook for an advanced conversation course? Also, would please post some conversation lessons on Youtube?
    Thanks a lot.

    Sergio Silva

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Sergio! Thanks for visiting my blog and my YouTube channel.
      I’ll consider your request for conversation lessons on YouTube. I’ve been asked to address this skill before, but I’ve hesitated due to the limited interaction I have through video and the restrictions on use of films, news reports, etc. Still, I’d like to give the matter some more thought. Maybe I’ll rise to the challenge. 🙂
      As for conversation books, I’ll send you a list of suggestions/ ideas by e-mail.

  30. Jessica says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    First of all, I wanna thank you for your great and incredible job doing grammar a second chance to be more interesting for everyone. I’m from Chile, and I’m an English-Teacher-to be in a couple of years… Well, I still worry about my English, because I think it’s not good enough to teach in the large classrooms here in my country, and I’m afraid that I would do it wrong. That’s why I was lucky to find on Youtube your lessons about English Grammar. Seriously, they really helped me to improve my pronunciation, listening skills and do not have doubts about using the different verb tenses.
    I know that it’s a long way to get a better level (my writing included), but I know too that you are my inspiration when I’ll graduate from my course.

    Thank you very much!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you for posting your comment. You’ve chosen a wonderful career. I wish you the best in and out of the classroom. Just remember that no teacher is ever done with her training. If you look at my new categories of postings, Student Stumpers, you’ll see that I still have doubts, too, when it comes to grammar. As for pronunciation, I’ve been caught on video with an “ng” that is not very standard at all. We all do our best. The important thing is that you have mastered enough English to be of help to other English language learners. Please continue to visit my blog. Thank you again.

  31. Gloria Ines Bolanos says:

    Dear,Jennifer: I really want to use this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your love. My real problem is my pronunciation, I have a very heavy accent and not opportunity to practice in my work. Could you give me some tips to help myself on this. Once again Thank you God Bless you and your family always, I pray for you. Gloria Ines Bolanos.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Gloria! I’ll send a detailed response by e-mail.

  32. Sonal says:

    A really effective way to teach english, and am very excited to see the activities that can be performed in the class to teach grammar.

  33. Regina says:

    Good day, Jennifer!
    My name’s Regina, I’m from Russia and I’m a teacher of English))) I was very happy when I saw your video lessons. They’re really useful. 12 years ago I began my own Courses of English in my native town. I don’t use only one method by someone. I unite many methods and get one extraodinary method which works and helps to my students very well. And now I have your way to teach. Thanks a lot for your wonderful work. I’m fond of my job and English language very much.
    With love from Russia. Thank you very very much!!!

  34. Edson (EDDYE) says:

    Hi…Jennifer you’re a excellent teachar, congratulations.

  35. Mohammed Hussin says:

    I am very glad to find you on youtube. You are a great teacher that you helped me to learn how to get rid of some of my old pronunciation in one session. I promise to vist your youtube whenever I have a chance. I will be happier if you send me your newsletter.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Please feel welcome to subscribe to this blog. The thoughts I share here are for teachers, but learners may find some of the material interesting, too. Thank you for watching my videos on YouTube. Best wishes to you!

  36. Maria says:

    Hello Jennifer!

    I want to thank you for your videos, they helped me a lot, as I will have an exam on Phonetics next week. Your Phonetics lessons helped me, especially those which are about Low Fall and Low Rise, as the main points in my exam are the Intonation Patterns.

    I am writing to you from a cold place in Russia.
    Best wishes!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Maria!
      Thanks for posting your comment. I’m glad you feel confident going into your exam.
      Ни пуха ни пера!
      – Jennifer

  37. Tahani says:

    Hello Jennifer!
    I’ve watched your videos from your youtube channel 🙂 I really enjoyed them with my dad. So I searched on Google and found that you have a blog here :)It’s really amazing!! I’d like to be one of your students 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

  38. lola says:

    Hey Jennifer
    I’m a French Student living in Paris, and I’ve just seen your videos on Youtube especially the one about the “t” pronunciation and the “flap” thing (which is my major problem in oral English). Thank you SO MUCH for your tutorials, it’s incredibly useful. You’re very patient and a really good teacher.

    Thanks a lot,


  39. arthika says:

    Hi Jennifer. I was so impressed when first time I saw your program in Youtube. I like your program very much. I’m an English teacher, but my majority is engineering. I’m an engineer. When a boarding school in my society needed an english teacher, I am eager to be a volunteer. It was in 1997. I tried to improve myself, but I never feel satisfied. I hope this contact with you make my progress better. Thanks.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      I think the Internet can be a great help to all English teachers. It’s great that you found this blog. Keep on exploring. (But please continue to visit this site, too!) There are lots of helpful online resources for teachers. I’m discovering new things all the time.

  40. Jeff says:

    Hi, Jennifer.
    Thanks for the wonderful videos inYoutube. I’m a voluteer ESL “teacher” and I gave your links to my students .
    they all loved very much !!!
    You are the best !!!!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you for helping me reach more English language learners. 🙂
      Good luck in your teaching. Enjoy the experience!

  41. gerardo chaves says:

    Jennifer congratulations!! very good videos.

    I´m learning english I like your lessons very very well.

    I have a question: how I can download all your videos. I want use in the ipod because I can to learn better.

    Thanks in advance


    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hi Gerardo!
      Go to Google and search for “free YouTube downloader.” Others have done this. This is free. It just takes time. If you’d like, I do offer CD-ROMs for sale. Just write again, and I’ll send details. 🙂

  42. mariano says:

    I’m studying to be an English Translator (my native language is Spanish).
    I would like to thank you for your great support through this page, especially for the videos you have posted in youtube.
    You’re a fantastic teacher!
    Mariano, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  43. Luciano P. França says:

    God Bless you!!

  44. ana says:

    thank you so much, you are so kind and helpful

  45. Josue says:


    I’m from Honduras and I’m enjoying my learning with
    you. Keep moving forward and thanks for everything!

  46. Chien VU Hong says:

    Hi, Jennifer!
    I’m Chien. I’m from Vietnam. My English is very bad but I enjoy it. Your video is very interesting and useful for me. Thank you( my teacher) for that.

  47. Armando García Díaz says:

    Hi Jennifer:
    First of all let me tell you about me: I’m a professor of about 28 years of experience teaching English at a university in El Salvador, although I’m originally from Cuba. I’ve been leaving here for about 6 years.
    It’s nice to know about a professional I think is affecting students and teachers in such a way that once you entered this room, it would be impossible to forget it, you’d stick on it forever. Congratulations for such a great page. As a professor let me tell, if this makes you feel really important, I’m always accessing your material finding something new for my students. It’s also an honor to know about someone who shares all this knowledge without asking for anything, except to give people more and more sources to study and learn.
    Once again, congratulations and keep on going with this amazing project.
    I hope God is watching you and all the good you’re giving people in this world.
    God Bless You every single day.
    Bye lady!

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      To be appreciated by one’s peers is a great honor. You’ve dedicated more years to the profession than I have, so your use of my ideas and/ or materials especially fills me with happiness. It means a lot that a veteran teacher values my contributions. I’m also thankful that I’m able to reach other classrooms in this way. Thank you for your kind support.

  48. ali says:

    thank u very much for ur videos realy, i am learning many things but can u tell me the name os certain books to be agood teacher and how to behave in the classroom also can u give me site for more educational videos. really u are very very good english teacher

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      RE: Books. My favorite titles have been Jeremy Harmer’s HOW TO TEACH ENGLISH and H.D. Brown’s books PRINCIPLES OF LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEARNING and TEACHING BY PRINCIPLES. You can buy these books on the Pearson Longman website. Harmer’s book is more practical in nature, so I think that’s what you’re asking for, but I don’t think you can teach well without being grounded in theory, so you need to be familiar with the content Brown discusses.

      RE: Videos. Do you mean teacher traning videos?

  49. Fatima says:

    Hello jennifer I’m so thankfull to your leasons on youtube . I’m very sure that all ESL learners are enjoying your wonderfull teaching . All I want to say is you are a great English teacher and I have learned alot from your vedios on youtube and thank you so much for all your help GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY .Fatima from OHIO

  50. Eran says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I really appreciate all your efferts in trying to teach the global community proper English. I discovered your Youtube lesseons just a few hours ago and I can honestly say I love them. They are really helpful. Even though I’ve been learning English for quite a some time I always realized that my pronociation is not good enough. I think this would help me improve my pronounciation and be more confident in speaking English. Thanks Again and keep it up.

    Eran from Colombo.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you for the support, Eran!

  51. Lёhin says:

    Здравствуйте, Дженифер!
    Спасибо Вам за Ваш труд, направленный на помощь людям в освоении английского!
    Меня зовут Алексей, я студент Таврийского Христианского Института. Изучение иностранных языков для меня нечто большее, чем просто хобби или увлечение. С третьего класса я изучаю английский, и недавно сам стал преподавать основные азы этого языка. Вторым языком, который я пытаюсь осилить – является иврит. Учась в христианском институте, для меня важно владение или хотя бы близкое знакомство с библейскими языками, что я пытаюсь осуществить с помощью иврита. Я только недавно открыл для себя Вашу деятельность, и надеюсь, не разочаруюсь в ресурсах, которые Вы предлагаете. Поражен Вашим стремлением (пусть даже в прошлом) изучить русский язык. Пусть Бог Вас благословит :):):)

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Dear Aleksei,

      I, too, hope you won’t be disappointed in what you find here on my blog! I think most activities can be adapted for the instruction of any language. Sometimes you may not find an idea of mine to be exactly what you were looking for, but my thoughts might inspire you to create something original. That would please me, too. 🙂

      Indeed, learning and teaching languages should be more than a hobby. For me, teaching is my passion. I wish you and your students all the best.


  52. sari says:

    Hi your website looks great. I am from India living in US and would like to get some guidelines from you. Please let me know how to contact you.


    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Sari!
      Thank you for visiting this blog. What kind of guidelines are you looking for? Often my replies to questions benefit many, so if you’re willing to post your request in detail, I can respond publicly. However, if you prefer to communicate more privately, just tell me so. WordPress allows me to make a comment public or hidden. Looking forward to you next message.

  53. Jeevan Ekin says:

    Thanks 🙂

  54. fz says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you ! I’m finding excellent materials for my students from your blog.I have learned alot from your videos.
    Regards from Saudia Arabia.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Wonderful to hear this! Please let me know if you’re looking for something in particular. If I haven’t addressed a certain topic your considering, I’d be happy to turn my attention to it now. Two heads are better than one, as they say. 🙂 Regards to you and your students.

  55. siddig says:

    Ireally appreciate your creative style of teaching english.GOD bless your deeds.

  56. siddig says:

    You really make it easier and natural to understand English.you deserve a title as guru.

  57. siddig says:

    Hello Jenefer,
    Why should you not develop English lessons for special purposes. I would be greatfull if you accept that as future strategy for your great website.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello and thank you for all your kind support! Can you be more specific about material for English for special purposes? If I know what you have in mind, I can think about what I could offer that would be of use to you.
      Best regards!

  58. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for I am benefited from your global contribution of English language lessons. In my simple words, I feeling honoured writing my comment from New Zealand.. geographically the far end of the World! I have read what you have written about yourself with much interest, which is very inspiring!

    If you were my teacher thirty years ago, I could have mastered the finetuned and impressive English language with minimum effort, and become an acclaimed writer by now!

    Thank you again, and best regards,


    Ps: I would be thankful if you please reply with your remarks on my comment. Thank you.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you for posting your comment, Emmanuel.
      I once had dreams of becoming a writer, too. I began writing short stories and poems as a teenager. At some point I stopped. Most of it would make me laugh now, but I enjoyed the process of writing it all. Who knows, maybe one day you and I will make the bestseller list.

      …for I have benefitted from your
      …I feel honoured
      …interest, and it is very inspiring.
      …if you would kindly reply to my comment/ if you would kindly note corrections to my comment.

  59. Jalet says:

    Hi! thanks a lot for all your resources and English teaching, you have helped me in English grammar more than anything and anybody.

    Jalet from México.

  60. Maria says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you a lot for your great work! Your video lessons are really interesting, and they helped me a lot. Especially I would like to say thank you for this site for teachers as I study at the University to become a teacher of English in the future.

    I picked some really great ideas from your notes about how to teach students with the help of cards, for example ( I mean the point not asking them personal question but still get their real opinion through the card-role). I told about such method in my presentation and as a result I got the highest mark! And I am sure that in my future teacher practice I would use such a method regularly. So, thank you very much!

    Jennifer, I am writing to ask your advice about what to write on the topic which I have chosen in the lesson of Theoretical Phonetics – “The problems of pronunciation standard for teaching English”. I surfed the Internet but found nothing useful. I don’t actually see much problem in teaching RP to Russian students, except the features of the position of the tongue of some sounds. I understand how it is hard, for example for Chinese student to learn English as Chinese is a language of intonation and melody. And then I thought, maybe you, as a present teacher of English and a person who has been teaching Russian may help me in understanding the topic as you see this topic from both sides (Russian, English). Now I am completely confused.

    I also would like to ask a question about modal verbs, if you allow. If we want to express strong prohibition in English, which of the modal verbs is the strongest? For example:
    “You mustn’t go to swim!”
    “You are not to go swimming!”
    “You may not go swimming!”
    Which of these examples is stricter and mean smth like Russian: “не смей!”?

    Hope you will answer me ^_^

    Best wishes,

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for posting your comment. I’m glad you’ve found some useful ideas here. I’ll give some thought to your larger question regarding theoretical phonetics, but for now, let me answer the other question about modals.

      1. Be cafeful with your use of the infinitive. The phrase is “go swimming” [go + (-ing)].

      2. I’d say the first is most appropriate for a strong warning: “You mustn’t go swimming! There have been reports of shark attacks.”

      3. I feel little difference if any between the last two examples. A parent can forbid a child to go swimming either way: “You are not to go swimming! Is that clear?” / “You may not go swimming! Is that undertood?”
      Both are very strong. The tone of voice will also help convey how strict the sentence is.

      4. You might choose other alternatives to get that feel of “не смей!”
      “Don’t you dare go swimming!”
      “Don’t even think about going swimming!”

      I’ll get back to you on the other question.
      Всего хорошего!

      1. Maria says:

        Thank you very much, Jennifer!

        Great examples and I didn’t even thought about two last one!

        I am looking forward for your consultation on my question about problems in pronunciation standard.


  61. Sahes says:

    Hey there,
    I really like the way you teach English and we just fathom every single you say.
    I would be gland to teach me abit about Diminutive Noun in English language.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Do you mean diminutives of names, like Jennifer becoming Jenny? (A name I haven’t gone by since junior high, by the way.)
      Or do you mean common nouns like doggie and kitty-cat?

  62. khalid says:

    you are one of the best teachers i’ve ever seen in my life
    simplicity,clarity,and purity

  63. laura says:

    your videos help me a lot in my classes, because my students are in a low level of english so im trying to teach them as well as i know. so i would like to teach them how to use HAVE TO vs Must

    i hope you can help me.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Okay. I’ll try to provide a suggestion or two. 🙂

  64. Suhail Ahmad says:

    I just started taking your cources on youtube and I really found them very interesteing and helpful to improve my english thats why I here on your website to read bout you and your lessons……I am happy to know you my online teacher….Thank you for efforts and May God bless you alwys.

  65. venu says:

    My heartfelt wishes for your contributions towards English teaching service.

  66. Richard Rose says:


    I just discovered you on YouTube on your great video on “Prepositions of Place and Direction.”

    I’m looking forward to learning more about what you do.

    In the meantime, do you have any written materials for that video that I could use in my ESL 4 class?

    Please feel free to peruse the website that I created for my students. You can find it at http://www.FromTheDeskOfRichardRose.com. With your permission, I’d like to add links to your materials to my website.

    Thank you very much!


    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Richard!
      So glad you found my YouTube channel and blog. I’ve begun to link specific blog postings to my videos, but since that video on prepositions was made so long ago, I don’t have written material to accompany it. I’m sorry, but if you’d like, I can offer some ideas for classroom activities. I can give attention to that next week, perhaps.

      Yes, please feel free to add links to my blog, my videos, and my soon-to-be-made-public website.


      I like what you are doing for your students. Nice collection so far. Are you able to add audio files? It would be good for them to hear you read things like the Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers tongue twister.

  67. Richard Rose says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for writing. I tried e-mailing you back but it didn’t go through.

    Yes, I’d love to hear your ideas for classroom activities on prepositions. Your
    video includes the best explanation I have ever seen on them (including mine)!

    I agree with you about audio. If you look at the “Pronunciation” section of my
    website, you’ll find some audio files where people have a chance to practice
    short “i,” short “e,” and long “e” sounds.



  68. Hey Jen! I cleared my TESOL only a few years ago. I am an English Language Instructor, and I teach English to accountants in India. I have been drawing inspiration from the videos you’ve posted on you-tube. Your energy and style truly inspire. I am still a little stiff with Grammar, but am surely making progress. Context-based teaching is my magic mantra. I only found your blog today. I was looking for methods to teach tenses..like should I teach tenses in a combination or should I deal with each verb tense separately. As I am teaching lower level students, I have concluded that I should teach each verb tense individually, as of now. Just wanted to thank you, for the videos, ideas and all the stuff you have put together for budding teachers like me. Last but not the least, your biography on this page heightens my urge to become the best English language instructor in India.;-0

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Welcome to the world of teaching! Sounds like you’ve thought well about your students’ needs and made good decisions about how much to present at one time. Teaching verb tenses in combination will happen eventually, though. Students will ask you to make distinctions, and textbooks may prompt comparisons, too. For instance, the simple past and the past progressive are better understood when comparing them and seeing them in the same context. (Example: I found your YouTube channel while I was searching for material for my students.) But, as you’ve wisely decided, it would be confusing to study more than one new tense in a single lesson. Best wishes to you and your students in India!

  69. kimo says:

    hello jennifer,
    i want to thank you for what are you doing to make english become more and more familier for people around the world,
    i’m an english department university student from morocco.

  70. Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your work as teacher.
    in my humble point of view you are the best English teacher that I’ve seen. I watched some classes that you taught by youtube.com It was the best. More once congratulations,
    my best regards.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you for the support, Vandir!

  71. Anderson Romanhuk says:

    Jennifer, how nice to see you doing this great. It was a real pleasure to work with you, learn from you and with you and to have had the honor of being one of your first TESOL students and right after, work under your supervision for a couple of years. I hope you, your husband and your kids are doing great. Nicholas is almost four and a big boy.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      I have fond memories of our core team, Anderson. All good things must come to an end, and so you and I moved on. Even so, the lessons I taught and the lessons I learned almost a decade ago are very much with me today. Best wishes to you and your family!

  72. har says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m very glad to find your blog. There are many interesting articles which help me improve my ability in teaching English in my country (Indonesia). As a non-native speaker of English, I need English teaching materials as many as possible to make my students more enthusiastic in learning English. I also manage a blog concerning on English, dedicated for Indonesian students.
    Thank you.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      If you have Internet access, then you have many choices. A lot of multimedia content is free online and can easily engage your students. Many websites allow for interaction. It’s not just text on a page. I offer a set of recommended links on my own website. I think it’s wonderful that you manage your own blog. Your students surely see your dedication. I hope you’ll visit again. Best wishes to you.

  73. Mahmoud Jeidani says:

    Hi Jennifer. I have come across your youtube videos on the teaching of English Intonation. I really liked them, but I have a suggestion in case you want to go on teaching intonation. These suggestions come from my research on the teaching of Discourse Intonation (Brazil, 1997).
    You tried to teach intonation in attitudinal and syntactic terms, and this is a great issue. Could you try to incorporate some Discourse Intonation ideas, especially regarding prominence? My feeling is that prominence is very important, but unfortunately many learners don’t understand it. It is simple but very crucial for intelligibility. Just a suggestion. Bradford (1988, Intonation in Context) offers a simple account of it.
    again, really great videos.
    Best of luck with your teaching career

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Admittedly, I’ve done litte reading on DI. I understand its basic components, but haven’t read Brazil’s work. I find teaching intonation from the grammatical and attitudinal viewpoints to be straightforward. I can provide explanations that learners cand digest. The “rules” don’t always reflect natural speech as learners hear it on TV, at a party, etc., but knowing the rules makes learners aware of patterns that are often (if not always) followed.

      I think one point DI emphasizes is perception. Am I correct? Choices regarding intonation and especially sentence stress (prominence) depend on what a speaker thinks the listener understands or knows. I also understand that DI is more top-down, whereas traditional approaches to teaching intonation are more bottom-up. Right? That said, I’m convinced that I need to continue my work with Jim Stroud and keep producing episodes of “The Jim & Jen Show”. I started this series of videos to address learners’ requests for materials on listening and speaking. I asked myself, how can I teach conversation skills through video? I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Together Jim and I create conversations that focus on speech acts. I think learners can intuitively pick up on the meanings implied by our intonation. Over time, it’s possible for them to gain a more accurate understanding of English intonation by listening to us speak together.

  74. Chimki says:

    Jennifer is teaching individuals. I saw that she has scheduled one on one time for her students at a website called http://www.englishcafe.com. You can visit this link to know more about her schedule http://www.englishcafe.com/JenniferESL/myteaching/calendar . Hope this is useful for Jennifer’s die hard students.

  75. I improve my English with your videoclips.
    Thank you very much for this.
    Best wishes from Germany

  76. I improve my English also on your youtube channel. It is helpful.
    Regards from Germany

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Thank you. I hope you’ll also visit my main website.
      Best wishes,

  77. Ingrid says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    wanted to do your activity about snowy weather with my class but unfortunately the video is not available from Germany.
    All the others are available …
    I regret this very much as I know your excellent work from last year’s EVO session about video in TESL.
    Best regards from Germany, not snowy at the moment 😉

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Hello Ingrid,
      Please tell me what part of Germany you are in. I have one other viewer in Germany who also says that some of my videos (but not all) are not available. I find that confusing and upsetting. Why would restrictions be placed in such an unpredictable manner? I’m very sorry. Please try this direct link to my video “Snowy Weather”.

  78. Anita Evans says:

    I am a TEFL teacher and I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I recently started a website called Video Language Network and would greatly
    appreciate your comments. Based on the TEFL approach, the website offers lessons
    in English communication through downloadable videos and support exercises.
    Our videos consist of authentic conversations with native English speakers covering a variety of interesting topics and aspects of spoken English.
    You can check out our website, http://www.videolanguagenetwork.com and click on our free lesson #16, “Living and Surviving in New York.”

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Looking forward to checking out your site. Thanks for letting me know about this new resource.
      Best of luck,

  79. seju says:

    Hi. Jennifer. 🙂

    My name is Seju, and I come from South Korea.
    Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, I found your amazing video on youtube.
    I think it’s very lucky. Because it improves English learning skills a lot.
    Recently every morning I listen to CNN student news and Power English, which is Korean English radio program repeatedly.
    And every night I go to sleep with Harry Potter, which is a very exciting story, you know…
    And your video upgrades my level of English.

    I only study English by myself, though that isn’t enough to learn English conversation, I am satisfied with my learning progress well…

    Thank you for providing excellent video free for learners.

    All the best


  80. Joanna Carvalho says:

    Hey there…

    I really love your stuff… it´s helping me a lot!!! I´m a brazilian English teacher, and your videos are really helping my students…

    Thanks for the great job!!!


    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      I’m very happy to hear this, Joanna. If you find that you need to modify activities, please let me know. It’s good to learn how my ideas need to be adjusted for different groups of students. Happy teaching to you!

  81. Avijit Sen says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for providing us with free English video-lessons. I’ve just seen some of them and I liked them so much. I’m sure they will be very helpful towards my training in English. All the best to you, keep up the good work! Please provide us with some videos on S and sh sound ….because most of the candidates suffer with “S” and “SH” sound. Please help!!!!

    1. Thank you for posting your comment. I hope to address more consonant sounds in the future. Until I do, I recommend other teachers, such as Dave Sconda on the EnglishMeeting channel. I believe he’s covered the “sh” sound.

  82. VepNeopyday says:

    Хочется уточнить, а сайт ползуется спросом? Недавно здесь, вот интересно. Чрезмерно буду благодарен за ответы.

    1. You may post comments, and they will be made public only after getting approved. For business queries, please use my website. To send private messages, you may write through EnglishCafe. Всего доброго!

  83. TeachESL says:

    Jennifer – why did you remove the two You Tube videos, “American Slang, Cool Car?”

    1. They were reloaded back in December 2010. Please look at the American Slang playlist. You’ll see the videos listed there. For today, I’ve made Part 1 of Lesson 8 “Cool Car” the featured video on my channel. Enjoy!

  84. Falomo says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    My name is Falomo from Nigeria. I totally love your videos on you tube but as internet bandwidth is very slow here, its a very stressful experience waiting hours on end for it to completely buffer before I watch. Also I was wondering what licenses they are released under and if its allowed for me to download and share with friends and relations who can not afford good internet to use this.

    1. Hi Falomo,
      Thanks for writing. All of my YouTube videos are free to the public. You may certainly download them and share them. I only ask that no profit be involved. No commercial distribution. They are meant to be a free resource. Please give my name as the author/ owner and the source (my YouTube channel). Thank you in advance for helping me reach more learners.

  85. mohamed says:

    Thank you for your English teaching videos I have benefited from them very much.

    1. You’re most welcome. Thank you for visiting this blog.

  86. lorepox says:


    I have question about your video lessons. I think it is great that people can listen to native speaker. Especially that when we learn language listening is great part of it.

    But on the other hand it is rather hard to find more interactive content with exercises. Content focused on reading and doing.
    Do you know why it is this way?
    Is it because of lack of easy to use authoring tools?
    Or maybe nobody really need this kind of content?

    Do you think that watching video is best way to learn languages?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Alex,
      There is no “best” way to learn a language because experiences vary so greatly, and one method may not be ideal for two different learners because they each have their own strengths and preferences. My videos are not meant to be a comprehensive course. They support and supplement people’s studies. I believe in having different forms of input and output. Learners cannot limit themselves to only video or only written texts. There are more and more websites and apps for English language learners. I try to share ones I know about on my website. Take a look at the recommended resources and feel free to ask for other recommendations.
      Best wishes to you,

  87. Liza says:

    I have watched your several lessons on Youtube. Those was so helpful. I am just wondering that can adults ( over 30 years old people) reduce their accent? or can they speak like a native speaker? I am suffering because of my accent and feeling like some native speakers look down me because of my accent 😦

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for writing, Liza. I do believe it’s possible to reduce your accent as an adult. You may never sound exactly like a native speaker, but that’s okay because that’s not the true goal of langauge learning, in my opinion. Successful communication requires you to understand and be understood. If your pronunciation is difficult for listeners to understand and if you lack confidence when speaking because of your accent, then language instruction/ accent training makes sense. You need to enter such an experience with realistic goals, though.

      There are other YouTubers who focus on pronunciation: EnglishwithStacy, PronunciationMeg, RachelsEnglish, and EnglishMeeting. Have you also looked at the work of Paul Meier? He has free interactive lessons/ videos on EnglishCafe and he does offer private training. He’s a specialist in accent training. You’ll see other qualified teachers on EC. It’s helpful to work with a teacher/ coach who can identify your weaknesses and help you perform exercises to make your pronunciation clearer and more natural. Good luck!

  88. Annika S says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I only recently discovered your blog, as I am only just starting out on my journey as an ESL tutor. I already have 3 students to whom I am preparing to give individual lessons, and I feel like I have been thrown into the deep end of a pool! All three of them are near fluent, with only minor mistakes and confidence issues. Do you have any tips on how I can best help them one-on-one?
    My only experience in teaching ESL is a weekend TEFL course, only it focused more on the classroom structure and teaching within an organisation rather than branching out on my own. I know I can do this, although I would really appreciate a few pointers in the right direction! If you have time, my questions are:
    1) What are some good techniques to boost confidence in students? (and teachers! 😉
    2) Are there any books/articles you recommend on teaching one-to-one?
    Thanks heaps,


    PS: What is it with people living abroad teaching English! I spent a few years at school in St. Petersburg, now I’m in New Zealand helping inter-nationals understand the Kiwi accent! 🙂

    1. Hello Annika,
      Even experienced teachers can feel overwhelmed at times. Just remember that your knowledge of English is strong enough to serve you in the role as a teacher. Indeed, teaching and learning are journeys, and your role is to be the guide. I suggest you and the students take the time to identify their goals. I’ve written a number of posts on this. (Do a search for “goals” and you should find related articles.) Here’s one. Have you selected materials? Here are some ideas for advanced students. Also, check out my thoughts on keeping quiet, shy students on “safe” ground some of the time to encourage speaking.
      Since the number of teachers working online seems to be increasing among my readers, I may start dedicating a category to the specific challenges we face. However, many of the activities I’ve posted already can be used in online instruction with only a bit of modification. Many of the recent ones are based on ideas I’ve tested out in my own online teaching.
      Good luck to you and feel free to write again.
      Best wishes,

  89. Fábio says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    I’ve been looking for many years for very professional websites
    to serve as a model to my new website.
    I found your work very professional and well designed.
    You inspired me to create something similar to spread the
    methodology in which I am an expert.
    Be free to contact me if you want to know more about
    my work.

    Kind regards,

    Fábio Queiroz

    1. I’m glad the organization on this blog is useful to other professionals. Good luck to you!

  90. Wonderful goods from you, man. I have remember your stuff prior to and you are just extremely fantastic. I really like what you have received here, certainly like what you are saying and the best way wherein you are saying it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to stay it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. That is actually a terrific web site.

  91. elegant says:

    Hello Jenifer.

    I always feel happy after watching and learning from your youtube lessons. they are completely awesome.

    1. Wow! What a wonderful thing to hear. It’s good to know people not only learn from the videos – they also make you feel good. 🙂 I hope so. I think learning should be a very positive experience.

  92. sharmeen says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I always find your lessons very productive for me, and I really like the way of your teaching. It is superb :). actually i watched your lesson while i was studying in university and now I am teaching English in a college and I really enjoy it. I am planning to set up a blog about english literature and gramar. can u knidly give me some suggestions on how to make it worthful and productive.
    Thanks and waiting for your reply.

    1. Hello! I’m still learning how to be a good blogger myself! Time restricts me from doing more, but I have learned to set up easy-to-understand categories. I’ve also focused more in the past year on making my content richer by including images and audio. Some listen to podcasts because it fits in their daily routine better than a written text, so it’s good to give a choice. I think grammar needs to include practice information as well, so when I come up with an idea for teaching, I consider the possibility of offering a PDF for download. Think about your audience and their needs.

      Don’t worry too much about numbers. Views fluctuate. Sometimes a post will positively impact many. Other times you’ll only get a small crowd for a certain post. I figure if I can positively impact even a single person with one of my ideas, then it was worth sharing. 🙂

      Best of luck to you!

  93. Charlie says:

    Hi Jennifer, many thanks for the time you spend to make the videos and all contribution you’re doing to the humanity. I like your style of teaching, easy to understand you! Best regards from Caracas, Venezuela.

    1. Thank you for the support!

  94. wagner says:


    1. Thank you for the support. I hope you will visit my website, too. 🙂
      Best wishes to you!

  95. Dear Jennifer,

    I just wanted to thank you for your YouTube videos on the voiced and unvoiced th sounds. On http://www.livemocha.com, I review fellow members’ English-language verbal responses, and I hope you don’t mind that I have shared these two videos many, many times, and would like to continue to do so. While other Livemocha reviewers comment that a member is not pronouncing the sounds correctly, you *show* them, effectively, what they need to do to master the sounds.

    I really cannot thank you enough. I’m sure many other EFL students join me in expressing my sincere gratitude!

    Best regards, Michael

    1. Hello Michael,

      I’m happy when others recommend my lessons. That’s the best compliment. 🙂 Thank you.

      Best wishes,

  96. SALIM says:

    really i dont know how to express about your great job

    1. Thank you for posting your words of support, Salim!

  97. SALIM says:

    Hi Jennifer
    What is the difference between USA and UK vowel sounds ?

    1. Hello,
      That’s a question that could lead to a lengthy answer! I may not be the best person to explain the pronunciation of vowels in British English. I suggest browsing the site of my colleague, Paul Meier, who is an accent specialist. http://www.paulmeier.com/

      (By the way, have you watched my Bonus Lesson in the YouTube playlist “Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds”?)

  98. SALIM says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Yes ,I have watched these videos lessons, its wonderful, excellent, organized,enjoyable . Before watching these videos its hard to learn vowel sounds .I consider your lessons are the corner stone of english learning ` iam gratefully to you my teacher .Thank you very much
    Best wishes to you and your family

    1. I appreciate your trust and support! Thank you.

  99. Anna says:

    I’m just starting to learn English. And I’m understand nothing, but I just write to say THANK YOU!

    1. You’re welcome. Please visit my community forum on my website, too.

  100. Anna says:

    PS: Sorry Jenifer I’m forgot to ask you. I’m finished your Basic English Grammar Lesson 4 (it’s video number 7)….. And what now? Where I must go? 🙂

    1. There is a new series for beginners:

      I will make some more lessons with Natasha. Then you can use the other playlists.

      You can also use my Everyday Vocabulary videos:

      Good luck!

  101. Muhammad says:

    Dear, Jennifer
    I have no words to express my feelings for what you have done for all english learners. The stuff that I found on your youtube channel I’ve never seen at one same place. I have been trying to learn english for a long time but due to not having enough time and busy life I could only spend a little proportion of my everyday on it. And now you have solved my problem and I started watching your video classes step by step I only give about 1 hour to your lectures and getting better ten times more than before. I highly admire you for this great effort. Thanks a lot.

    1. I’m very glad you found my videos. I wish you all the best in your studies. I also have a forum to support learners. If you have a question after watching one of my videos, feel free to post it.

  102. Bill Pelan says:

    Hi Jennifer best wishes and many thanks from Auckland New Zealand. I have about 10 years teaching ESOL (ESL) and have been involved with one-on-one and groups. At one time I had 5 groups to teach. Now. 2 groups plus some ‘visiting teacher’ opportunities.
    I had been involved with The University of Auckland but am now retired and my outreach is voluntary.
    SpeakEzy is the main group which has 2 sessions on Mondays, morning and evening.
    Our students are mostly immigrants from Asia and Eastern Europe.
    Currently I am about to launch some eTopics based on your YouTube series.
    Thank you for these very good clips. Your approach is clear and natural. Also, for the data on downloading and converting them.
    It is interesting reading your background. I have relatives in NE (Boston and Hartford, etc.) and my son lives near Philly and I have driven past your university in PA. Also, some cousins in Florida and Chicago.
    One of my good ESL friends here is of Russian descent and teaches English to East Europeans living in NZ.
    Originally I came from Northern Ireland and have lived in NZ for 39 years. I have viewed the Website of your Kiwi friend–very good!
    The new venture, incorporating your topics, is of special interest and engenders excitement for me. We really concentrate on Conversation with some NZ culture and history plus lots of fun and fellowship at SpeakEzy.
    I will keep you posted on our progress.

    Best wishes and thanks, your Irish Kiwi friend, Bill Pelan.

    1. Bill Pelan says:

      Hi Jennifer, we have had a very successful and encouraging time using your videos. They are presented on a HD Flat Screen TV and are great used in conjunction with our normal spoken presentations. Our students and tutors at 4 different groups are encouraged and find them excellent and interesting.
      We all, here in Auckland, New Zealand, send our very best wishes to you and look forward to 2013 with anticipation.
      Happy New Year from Down-under, Bill Pelan.

  103. Vitoria says:

    ok Jennifer, i need speak English fast can you to teach me?

    1. Why don’t you visit my website for more help? Look under English Students > Study Tips / Useful Links & Resources.
      I also have a community forum where you can post questions.

      Best wishes!

  104. Hi Jennifer. I love your lessons in pronunciation. As a matter of fact, I’d like to add them, especially the lessons on vowels, as a source or reference in my incoming book. It’s about learning English on the internet, written in Indonesian language. I was wondering is it okay with you? Looking forward to your reply. Yudha.

    1. Hello Yudha. I would be honored if you used me as a source. However, I’d also recommend that you look at the end of videos that you watch. If I consulted any sites or books for reference, I listed them as sources in one of the final slides.

      Best wishes to you!

  105. vangli says:

    Hi Jenifer

    How are you,

    I have started watching your videos and i really love them. They are helpful and you are really great. i jus want to appreciate your efforts. You are really “Great Hearted”

    God bless you

    1. Thank you for your support. I hope you’ll visit my website, too.
      Best wishes!

  106. Oleg says:

    Dear Jennifer!
    Было ли на ваш взгляд сложно изучать русский язык, Например я, изучаю английский, намного проще – слова неизменяемые можно сказать нет падежных окончаний итд… Но вот я его знаю так сказать бесплатно с рождения а потому и не могу судить. Но мне кажется, что русский для иностранцев сложноват.
    Успехов Вам. Очень нравятся Ваши уроки на youtube!!!

    1. Hello Oleg!
      You are certainly lucky to be born a Russian speaker. I do feel Russian is very difficult to learn, remember, and speak. I think it’s hard for Russian children, too. The first words in English are usually one-syllable long: cup, dog, sun, boy, girl, etc. In Russian, those words are all two- or three-syllables! It often takes more sounds and more words to communicate the same ideas in Russian.
      I hope you’ll continue to watch my YouTube lessons.
      Best wishes,

  107. ikram pathan says:

    does you teach english very nice i watch daily your youtube videos
    can you learn me properly english i’m your big fain

    1. Thank you for writing. Please visit my website and consider joining the forum.
      Good luck to you!

  108. Arun Goyal says:

    Very interesting to see your Russian connection to the English stream. I am an Indian learning Persian on the net. Loved you youtube lessons on vowels. Could get a grasp on the language thru your lessons.
    At some point, you should move up to the universe of languages with your simple but highly effective teaching technique through visual medium.
    Best wishes on the festval of lights, diwali, being celebrated in this part of the world…

    1. Thank you for the positive support and good wishes.
      Best regards,

  109. Evelina says:

    Привет, Дженифер. Когда я в первый раз увидела твое видео на ютюбе, я сразу поняла, что в тебе есть что-то русское:) Прочичитав сейчас эту статью, я поняла, что не ошиблась. Спасибо тебе большое за чудесные уроки. Эвелина.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I’m glad you found all my materials online.
      Всего доброго! 🙂

  110. bonglittle says:

    🙂 oh i’m so pleased i saw you on youtube. now i have someone to trust and to follow 🙂
    i watched the Intonation lesson and found it really really helpful for me. I am from a faraway country and i am trying to learn English but i believe my level at it is quite good now.
    I also wish to become an English teacher in my own country, and surely i will continue to look forward to your podcasts!
    Thank you for your contribution! I would really like to do something like this when i grow up!

      1. bonglittle says:

        thank you! you are giving me more determination and passion in becoming a teacher 🙂

  111. Adriano says:

    Please, where you were born and lived most of his life? It is important to know if you have any other accent…

    1. I am American. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. 🙂

  112. Adriano says:

    … russian accent, for example!
    I like it! I await your response, please.

  113. Adriano says:

    Thanks for the information. Explaining: I love your lessons! I do not like people who are not native teaching … I’ve always had concerns about the pronunciation.
    Sorry the mistakes, I’m still learning!!

  114. dang tien says:

    Hi Jenn.I see you on YouTube teaching for Natasha I very like .I would like to buy your DVD.so I would like to know where I can found them?thank you very much.my name is tien.

    1. Hello. I’m sorry, but I don’t offer the videos on DVD. You can use a free YouTube downloader.
      Thank you for watching my lessons!

  115. Hello,

    I really like your work and need your advice regarding the ESL course. How can I contact you?

    1. Hello,

      You can use the community forum and post under the appropriate category. If you are a teacher, you may use the ELT category and start a new topic with your question.

      Thank you.

  116. irem says:

    hello jenifer

  117. emre says:

    hi jennifer! i following your english lesson on youtube for 2 weeks and im trying to learn english for 20 years!!! yes its true! 🙂 you are very gooooooood teacher.i know my english is still very bad now but i know only a few words 2 weeks ago.thank you soooo muchh!! and i love you sooo much! my beautiful teacherr…. :)))

    1. I’m glad my videos are part of your studies. Remember my videos are organized by playlists.
      See my website for more Study Tips.
      Good luck!

  118. VENGATESAN says:

    Jennifer i have just viewed your video regarding “tense”. It’s really nice and i like your pronunciation.I am also an English teacher belong to India . Keep going on with ur effort. Could you please notify me as and when you upload your new videos?

    1. Thank you for the support. I’m very happy to know other teachers approve of my efforts on YouTube. 🙂
      If you subscribe to my YT channel, you’ll receive notification of each upload.
      Best wishes!

  119. Orlaith says:

    I am a recent graduate from Ireland, currently teaching English in Spain. I am a big fan of your videos!

    1. Thank you for the support. Good luck to you in your teaching!

  120. let me get my letter correct. would you help me to find out mistake my written letter.

    1. If you have a short question, you can post it on YouTube (my main channel page) or on the community forum on my website.
      Thank you.

  121. Mana says:

    thanks 4 your share.

  122. Louis says:

    I am a recently retired English teacher in France, and the webmaster of a website designed for French-speaking people who want to learn English or improve it.

    I had already recommended your site to my students before retiring because I really think your simple, clear and warmhearted way of teaching… is just great! So I have now written a paragraph about your work on one of my pages (http://www.anglissime.com/anglaisplus/des-sites-pour-la-comprehension-orale.php). Just wanted to let you know…

    And thanks a lot for so much great work!

    1. Hello and thank you, Louis. I’m happy that my site was included among the recommended resources.
      I, too, am a fan of Randall’s work, by the way. I had the pleasure of presenting with him on a panel back in 2011 in New Orleans, LA.

  123. บุษบา รัตนมุสิกกุล says:

    british or American English?

    1. I speak American English.

  124. บุษบา รัตนมุสิกกุล says:

    I will use your VDO to teach my thai students so I gonna know your English. I will start about phonetic.

    1. Feel free to share materials from my website, too.

  125. บุษบา รัตนมุสิกกุล says:

    you have facebook name?

    1. No, I’m not on Facebook.

  126. bryancorbin says:

    Jennifer, I’ve taught ESL in Korea, China, and now Qatar. Your videos have helped me so much in learning how to better explain difficult concepts to my students. I’ve also required students to view your videos as part of class requirements. Thank you for all of your help and for the professional products you produce. You are making a difference in many ways.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful support, Bryan. I’m happy to know that my videos can support the instruction you give to your students.
      Kind wishes to you!
      – Jennifer

  127. S KUMAR says:

    Congrats, Jennifer. I use your videos to teach my son the art of speaking, articulation, accent, etc. I am myself an English Language Trainer, and the Coordinator Easy Elite English, and also the head of its ELT Faculty Training & Placement. I am really impressed by your work.

    Please consider including alternative terms (so that they may be intelligible to a wider spectra of people). For example, PROGRESSIVE tense (I am going) is also known as CONTINUOUS tense, and some learners may be familiar with one term but not the other.

    Otherwise, your work is really commendable.

    I wish I could record and post videos like you, but I am not permitted (since unlike you who work independently, I am a salaried employee working for an organization that develops teaching materials and methodologies for training centers round the world).

    1. Hello and thank you for posting your comment. I appreciate the support as well as the suggestion. Perhaps in the future there will be an opportunity for you to post videos. It is a wonderful challenge in terms of developing materials. Good luck in your work!
      Kind regards,

  128. ruksheen hasan says:

    HI jennifer mam i am ruksheen hasan i would like to tell you that, you’re the best english teacher in the world. first of all i want to tell you that my english is not very well 😦 but i hope your english videos and series will be teach me…. 🙂

    Your new student
    Ruksheen Hasan

    1. Hello Ruksheen. I am happy you found my videos. This blog has ideas for teachers. I have more resources for learners on my website.
      Learning is a process. With time and regular practice, you will reach your goals. Feel free to post questions on my forum when you have them.
      Thank you for writing.


    2. ruksheen hasan says:

      Hi mam, how do you do.. ? I’m ruksheen hasan I had talked you in 2013, First of all mam I want to tell you something that I’m GLAD you are my english teacher, you’ve taught me what i was found of those days, A pronunciation of english and verb tense. And today i can speak english very welll and pronunciation of english very well. After GOD I want to THANK YOUUU…. :)) :* 😀
      Mam Also i want learn something apart from that can you help me…??

      1. Hello. I’m happy to know you’ve learned with me. I wish you all the best as you continue your studies. You may consider a live class or self-paced course in the future.
        Kind regards!

  129. marciofmoraes says:

    Hi. Jennifer.
    Nice to meet you! My name is Márcio Moraes and I’m from Brazil. I´m learning english. I like your lessons and I really love your videos.
    excuse me, I don’t speak english very well.
    Thank you very much, Jennifer!
    Good bye.

    1. Hello Márcio,

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad my videos are helping. You can also join my forum and post any questions there.

      Kind regards,

  130. Tom Dullum says:

    Hi, I’m Tom Dullum in Mount Vernon, WA. I’ve been a homestay parent to foreign students for over 10 years. One thing I always need to discuss with most students is the glottal stop. I found your lesson on YouTube. It’s perfect. I’ll be sending students your way for review. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tom! What a wonderful experience you have as a homestay parent. I’ve been on the other side in the past. I stayed with Russian families when I was younger, and then later I was the one setting up the host families. It takes a special family to make the experience abroad a positive one. 🙂

      Thank you for checking out that older video. I hope you’ll tell your guests/students about all my playlists and other resources, like my interactive exercises. Kind regards!

  131. april says:

    hi! this is april from Philippines. I am really excited working with your lessons.
    Thank You!

    1. Hi April,

      Happy to have you study with me. Have you visited my website?

      Jennifer 🙂

  132. Scott Distasio says:

    I thought you might like this TEDx talk by Kathleen Taylor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8U8Pkod2n4 She talks about what helping people that are dying has taught her about being her authentic self.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I did like the talk. I shared it with two others in my personal circle. I like brief ideas that force us to reflect. I’ve tried to share some in this playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQSN9FlyB6RumUTLuDAGY3m6YpBLHSsw

  133. Hi Teacher Jennifer, I’ve watched your videos and they’re really helpful for me. I intend to take Ielts exam in this September but my speaking skill is quite bad.

    I meet difficulties in pronunciation, especially final sound. I hear that it’s so crucial to say all final sound when speaking. However, when I listen some videos or watch TV, some final sounds seem not to be pronounced. For instance, in your video with title “Oral Reading Fluency 1: A new day”, in the sentence “But don’t just see the day”, is “t” sound of “but” and “just” abandoned? Moreover, with some words like “tasks” or “artists”, it’s necessary for me to pronounce both “s” sounds?

    I hope you may help me to improve my speaking. Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hello Đông.

      Have you seen Lessons 12 and 13 in this playlist?

      You may also like some of the videos offered by English with Stacy.

      Please follow me on WizIQ.
      I will offer more live classes in the coming months. There are other ESl teachers who offer classes online. You might check out one of their classes on speaking/pronunciation.

      Good luck!

  134. Darkhan says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    I am from Kazakhstan and I have been learning English for some months. I know that I need to improve my level. Recently I have seen your video lessons. It’s so great for me and I very glad to attend you lessons visually. I want to say Thanks for you!

    Спасибо вам большое за ваши замечательные видеоуроки! Я хочу пожелать вам творческих успехов!

    Kindly, Darkhan

    1. Hello Darkhan. Thank you for the kind wishes. I am very happy my videos are now a part of your studies. I hope you also check out the exercises on my website for review. Warm regards from the U.S.A.!

  135. Martin Aleman says:

    Hi Jennifer, I just see your videos and found them very useful to tune my English speaking and listening. I really appreciate this effort.

    From Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

    Martin 🙂

    1. Hello Martin. Thank you for the kind support. Good luck in your studies!

  136. Hi Jeniffer! I’m an English teacher and I really want to thank you for your so amazing work as you teach us English so well too! My name is Pedro Ordoñez from Honduras. Endless thanks for your great effort. God’s blessings!

    1. Hello Pedro. I am very thankful to have your support. Perhaps you would like to join my webinar for teachers next Tuesday? It’s free.
      Best wishes!

  137. Dear Jennifer,
    I am studying to become an English teacher and I currently working on a paper on language aptitude testing. I was wondering of it would be OK to use one of your oral reading fluency videos to test for language imitation & reading skills. It is just a paper for one of my classes and will not be published but it will be shared with other students at my university. Of course, you will be cited in the paper.


    1. Hello Daniel,
      I approve of free distribution of my videos for educational purposes, especially by other teachers. I am happy the videos can support your current work.
      Best wishes,

  138. Hi Jennifer,

    First of all I’ll tell you that I am one of your biggest fans!

    I am an English teacher in Bogota, Colombia and I have found of great use the videos in your YouTube channel. I often refer my students to watch them to support their grammar awareness.

    I have tried to reach you through your channel, but comments are not activated for the video about preferences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xw2APshJCY

    I see that the quality is not so good. Is there a chance you upload the video in a higher quality? We are studying the topic in class and I think the video would be of great help for my students to consolidate their knowledge.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hello Juan. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that was one of my first videos. It was made back in 2007 when I had little clue about producing videos! I still leave those early videos up on YT because they still have useful content, and it shows that I’ve made progress as a video-maker! I did try to clean up that video formatting a bit in 2010. This copy is a little better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StCZIxz-mJU

      Best wishes,

      1. Thank you so much! Now I can use this video for my students to watch!

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    Would Like To Advertise In Your YouTube Videos / (602) 518 – 3911 / Thank You / Johns – 24/7

  140. Lalita Daikoku says:

    Jennifer you are absolutely fantastic.Iam an ESL teacher in New Delhi. You are so pretty and pleasant. It’s a pleasure to watch and hear you speak. And its so wonderful that you offer so many lessons as free downloads. Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration. Lita

    1. Hello Lita. Thank you for stopping by. You are very sweet. I am happy you enjoy my videos. Best wishes to you in your teaching!

  141. Anne Glassman says:

    i THINK i HAVE left a message but..I would like to know how to access the GSL and the READABILITY SCORES you refer to in the INTRODUCTION TO THE READING TRAINING PROGRAM. Love your site!

    1. Did the links work for you, Anne?
      (I replied to your other comment on the About This Blog page.)

  142. Hi Jennifer!

    I´m a Brazilian ESL teacher, I have one grammar question, which I couldn´t find a satisfactory answer anywhere.

    In the sentence “He spent the night drinking”, is “drinking” a reduced relative clause? If so, what would the UN-reduced sentence be? If not, how do I explain the use of the gerund to my students? I know that´s how I say the sentence, but I don´t know why I say it like that.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Gerunds and present participles can be confusing. I see your example as having a direct object with a noun complement.
      SPEND THE NIGHT (drinking) = The verb is SPEND. The direct object of SPEND is THE NIGHT. Objects can have complements. Gerunds can be complements. So DRINKING is the complement of THE NIGHT.
      A similar example is HAVE TROUBLE (making a decision).
      Please see this post: https://englishwithjennifer.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/student-stumper-28-gerunds-v-present-participles/

  143. AnnaH says:

    Glad to know you. Can i have your email, please?

  144. Shamim says:

    Hi .. I appreciate your work which help us a lot. I am improved my reading for watcing your videos and daily I repeat them. I request you to add more videos for reading . I will be thankful of you.. And tell next when your adding . Thank you

    1. Hello. I’m very happy you like my Oral Reading Fluency series. I will post more practice texts in 2017. Until then, please review. You can also visit my website (www.englishwithjennifer.com) and consider other resources. Look under Students. On YouTube, you can also search for audio books or short stories read aloud. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and you’ll know when I post new videos. Kind wishes!

  145. Joan M. Amore says:

    Jennifer, I use your amazing videos in my advanced ESL class. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication to the ESL world.

    1. Hello Joan. I’m truly happy to hear that my videos can support your instruction. I send my best wishes to you and your students!

  146. nisar mughal says:

    hi dear lovely jennifer
    i am a your student
    i watched your all videos .you are very great person.
    i request you please make a video on the topics of :Allophone,phone,phonemes,Morphone,
    please i request you please.
    and i hope you will accept my request as s

    1. Hello. Thank you for visiting this site. I am happy you also watch my videos. I understand you are interested in learning more about the sounds of English. I may do some additional pronunciation lessons in the future, but there are already some good tutorials online. You may also like this resource:http://soundsofspeech.uiowa.edu/english/english.html

      1. NISAR AHMED says:

        Respected Jenniferi know there are may tutors are in online but i like your teaching way .you used very simple language that i can understand .So i request this. anyway if you dont like to made a video on these topics no matter. Yours Faithfully Nisar Mughal

      2. Thank you for the kind words. I am happy you enjoy learning with me. I have noted your request. Best regards!

  147. Rafael David says:

    Hello Miss Jennifer, Thank you for teach me about pronunciation. I was learning about pronunciation on your youtube channel. I am confused about symbol. You teach me just 15 vowel sounds. When I am reading some of website,

    1. Hello. There are different presentations of vowel sounds in English. I decided to use one that I believed to be the simplest and clearest.

  148. Sayed hefni says:

    Thank you very much about all your videos

  149. Irina says:

    Hello Jennifer! I’m here to say thank you for your lessons! I’m from Ukraine and I’ve been learning English for 2 years. It’s only twice a week with a teacher and I watch your lessons)) . Before that I studied French and thought that English is horrible and difficult (shy) I was really wrong. I’ve decided to change my qualification (I’m a biologist) and I really want to be an EFL teacher. I’m interested in bilingualism and my dream is to teach young children. Your lessons help a lot! I improve my language and also understand better how to work with kids and adults. How to explain new words, grammar! Thanks a lot! Thanks without end for everything you do! (Sorry for my English)

    1. Hello Irina! Thank you for taking the time to write. I’m very happy to know you’ve been studying with my videos in addition to taking lessons with a teacher in Ukraine. Teaching is an amazing profession, and it feels wonderful to share knowledge and help others reach their goals. You’re most welcome to look at posts here on this ELT (English language teaching) blog. You may like this one for new teachers: https://englishwithjennifer.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/overcoming-the-first-fears-tips-for-new-teachers/
      Good luck in all that you do!

      1. Irina says:

        Thank you so much!

  150. Ismaèl says:

    Can you help me learn English, please

    1. Hello. Please visit my website. You can use my YouTube playlists and find study tips. https://www.englishwithjennifer.com/students/yt-videos/

  151. Aakash patel says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Kindly inform you that, today I have seen your email writing/reply video on YouTube. It is useful to my Daily Routine activities.
    I am working in manufacturing industry. There is so many mails / Routine work mails reply is mandatory.
    Please suggest what kind of practice is require.


  152. Shabbir Hussain says:

    I love Miss Jannifer Teaching style

    1. Many thanks for the kind comment.

  153. Frida says:

    Hi.Jenny.My name is Frida.You are the best teacher.İ want to ve your student.İ want to speak fluently.Please help me.

    1. Hi. Please join me for a live stream. I’ll be live in a few hours on Hallo. It’s free to watch. Subscribers can hop on camera. https://hallo.tv/

  154. Dilmurod says:

    Hi, dear Jennifer.

    1. Dilmurod says:

      I want to learn English with you. My teacher, I don’t know how to contact you. Please, help your student like me…

      1. Hello. I have free videos on YouTube. Here are all my playlists. https://www.englishwithjennifer.com/students/yt-videos/
        I also have free videos on Instagram @englishwithjenniferlebedev
        You can gain practice with written language tasks twice a week through my YouTube membership program. https://www.youtube.com/c/englishwithjennifer/join
        Patreon memberships allow for group livestreams.
        Have a wonderful day!

  155. Allen says:

    You are the only one who mentions real past conditional in one of your videos, but you don’t really explain it. The formula I found was:
    If/when+ simple past,
    Result: 1-simple past
    2-would+ (base verb)
    3-used to+ (base verb)
    My question: in the result can we use would+have+pp?
    For example: If it was not for me, you would have been late.
    I know in mixed conditional we can use the above sentence. But mixed conditional, as far as I understand, are all unreal, and in a sentence like my example the if clause time is present, even if tense is in past.

    1. Hello. Each video for real and unreal conditionals has a formula to guide you.
      Example 1 >> unreal present or future [IF + simple past] [would + base verb] If I had more time, I would give more examples.

      Example 2 >> unreal past [IF + past perfect] [would have + past participle] If I hadn’t made this series, students wouldn’t have been able to contribute.
      Example 3 >> unreal past condition with unreal present outcome [IF + past perfect] [would/could/might + base verb] If I had forgotten to create a lesson on mixed conditionals, I couldn’t refer you to the link below.

      In your example, prescriptive grammar says you should use the past perfect in your unreal past condition:
      “If it hadn’t been for me, you would have been late.” (all in the past)

      However, in everyday English, we deviate from prescriptive grammar, and it’s become acceptable (at least in casual conversation) to use the simple past.
      “If it wasn’t for me…”

      Moreover, some people don’t favor the subjunctive “were,” although that’s what standard grammar calls for in unreal present conditions: If it weren’t for me.
      (Many like to say, “If it wasn’t for me….”)

      1. Allen says:

        Thank you for answering my question. But that was not what I asked. I am not talking about unreal past. I am talking about real past. Most grammar books ignore the real past conditional. But just as real present conditional exists, real past conditional also exists. In real past conditional we use was. In present unreal conditional (commonly known as second conditional) we use were (and some people like to use was.)
        If it hadn’t been not for me, you would have been late. This is unreal past (commonly known as third conditional.)

        The formula you gave for real past in one of your videos was:
        If/when+ simple past,
        Result: 1-simple past
        2-would+ (base verb)
        3-used to+ (base verb)

        Based on your formula, I have to change my sentence to: If it was not for me, you would be late.
        But that doesn’t sound right to me. I feel it should be: If it was not for me, you would have been late.
        This doesn’t follow your formula, hence my question. In real past, in the result, can we use would+have+pp?
        Thank you.

  156. Allen, there are a lot of good student examples starting around here (5:35) and more around (9:39)

    Be careful not to mix real and unreal ideas. “If it was not for me/If it weren’t for me” is an unreal or hypothetical condition.

    1. Allen says:

      Thank you so much. You are awesome. Yes, this was the video I watched, and I understood that the formula for past real conditional was:
      If/when/whenever+ simple past,
      Result: 1-simple past
      2-would+ (base verb)
      3-used to+ (base verb)
      Is the above formula correct?
      I wish there were more examples for real past, using simple past or would in your video.
      You wrote: Be careful not to mix real and unreal ideas. “If it was not for me/If it weren’t for me” is an unreal or hypothetical condition.
      Are you saying each time we use was in if clause the condition becomes unreal?
      This is what I always thought:
      Unreal conditional: If I were rude to you, I apologize.
      Real conditional: If I was rude to you, I apologize.
      We are using was, but it is real.

      Thank you again.

      1. Example 1 (real past): If I was sick as a child, I was allowed to stay home from school. = When I was sick as a child…
        Example 2 (real past): If/whenever I had a sore throat, my grandmother would make me chicken soup. (“would” + base verb for habitual past)
        Example 3 (real past): My grandmother used to make me chicken soup if/whenever I had a sore throat. (“use to” + base verb for habitual past)

        IF >> used for real and unreal situations
        If he came through the front door, I didn’t see him. (real) = Maybe he did, but I didn’t see him.
        If he had come through the front door, I would have seen him. (unreal, counterfactual) = He didn’t. That’s impossible.

        “If I was rude to you” = real past
        “If I had been rude” = unreal, counterfactual
        “If I were rude” = unreal present or future

      2. Allen says:

        Thank you. I wish I had found your videos sooner. I have always used conditional without reading the rules. Then one night I made the mistake of reading the rules and got myself very confused. That was two months ago. ;/ I might ask you more questions. Have a wonderful day. A

  157. @allen You’re welcome. Some love to delve into grammar and aren’t satisfied until things are laid out clearly. 🙂 Indeed, these deep dives into grammar can make our head spin. If we talk things out with another, we start to make sense of everything. BTW, if you like live Q&A, consider joining me on Patreon. I have intermediate and advanced students as well as some fellow teachers in my group. New group lessons will be scheduled in April — new posts and tasks, too! https://www.patreon.com/englishwithjennifer

    1. Allen says:

      Do you mind if I leave early today? [real present]
      Would you mind if I left early today? [unreal present/future]
      One is real and one is unreal, but they both mean the same! I usually use the one with would because it sounds more polite. Otherwise, just like the example, most often they are real situations.

      Do you have any videos that explains unreal vs real?

      We have mixed unreal conditionals. Do we have mixed real conditionals?
      Thank you

  158. You’re referring to how we soften our language and also how we raise the level of formality. There are many ways to approach this, and I’ve addressed uses of modal verbs, ways we write our email, uses of adverbs like “perhaps,” and more. Just a few related lessons:
    https://youtu.be/gqGq-OHMnas?t=95 (Do you mind if…? vs. Would you mind if…? Watch around 8:15 or so.)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A_e5Eg45VE&t=156s (softening your speech)
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQSN9FlyB6T2jCi9GYh7DJ6FBEw1LGc7 (lessons on uses pleasantries and friendly language)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AetJ7xJTdw&t=3s (formal vs. informal)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNnAN0BIoPU&t=900s (uses of “would”)

    1. Allen says:

      I am going to send him to Paris. Because if he was not sick, I would have sent him to Paris.
      Or: Because if he was not sick, I would send him to Paris.
      Which one is correct?
      I feel the conditional in the second sentence means: But he is sick, so I’m not going to send him to Paris.
      But what I want to say is that he is going to send him to Paris.
      Very confusing. ;/
      Thank you.

  159. @Allen
    1. TRUE: He’s sick. >> (Imagined condition) If he weren’t sick
    2. TRUE: He was sick. >> (Imagined condition) If he hadn’t been sick
    1b. TRUE: I’m not sending him to Paris. >> (Imagined result) I would send him to Paris.
    2b. TRUE: I didn’t send him to Paris. >> (Imagined result) I would have sent him to Paris.
    3. Real and likely: I’m going to send him to Paris because he’s not sick.

    1. Allen says:

      Do we follow the rules for conditionals when we use even if?
      Even if he were not gone, I doubt, he could be of much help.
      Or can we say: Even if he was not gone, I doubt, he could have been of much help.

      1. Yes. Follow the rules.
        1. (present) Even if he were here, he couldn’t help us.
        2. (present) Even if he weren’t gone, he wouldn’t be able to help us.
        3. (past) Even if he had been there, he wouldn’t have been able to help us.

      2. Allen says:

        Thank you so much. Also thank you for this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2seA0Ee7hkU
        An awesome explanation. 🙂

  160. @ALLEN You’re welcome!

    1. Allen says:

      Is this correct?
      If you were not born in the United States, you wouldn’t have lived the life you lived, and you wouldn’t be here now.

      1. Hi. You can shift back to the past perfect for an unreal conditional about the past: If you hadn’t been born in the United States…

        You’re welcome to post language questions on YouTube. I also have a monthly Q&A for my Patreon members. Members include both students and other English teachers.

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