Advanced Practice with Verb Tenses

Controlled practice coupled with discussion questions to practice verb tenses and aspect in a meaningful context. PDF and JPEGs included.

Hello? Is this the helpline for articles?

Imagine if there were a helpline for articles. Anytime learners had a doubt over choosing a, an, the, or the zero article, they could dial the number to get an immediate answer. Well, that kind of handy service isn’t available, so we need to strengthen students’ accuracy and confidence through exposure and practice with feedback….

Studying Syntax: A review of the basics

A number of my students have the desire to study syntax in order to increase their confidence and accuracy when they write. I continue to believe that reading regularly indirectly helps by exposing students to standard patterns and word order. I’ve also seen how exercises like sentence unscrambles and error correction can give students practice…

Snacking on Syntax

Practice fixing common errors at the sentence level. Classroom slides included.

Subject-Verb Agreement: Beyond Simple Sentences

Lack of subject-verb agreement is a common mistake, but errors in judgment with subject-verb agreement extend to inconsistency with reference words and combinations of indefinite articles with plural nouns. Doubts center around the concept of number. These additional mistakes can span two or more clauses. For that reason, I’ve created a writing task that goes…

Conditioned to Have a Limited View of Conditionals?

A student asked me how to change a true statement into an unreal conditional sentence, and the challenge stemmed from using the present perfect in the original statement: The man has been arrested. In the new if-clause, the student wanted to explain the alternative outcome if the crime had never been committed. The shift to…